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Posted: March 13, 2011 at 3:47 pm

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March-April 2011
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Wrinkle Reduction System Provides 60-Minute Solution with Natural Results


By Wendy Lewis, Contributing Editor & Advisor

Founded in 1959 by Irving Ellman, D.D.S., a dentist and electrical engineer, Ellman International, Inc. is an American company with a rich history. It has earned its fine reputation in the medical arena as an innovative company that produces unique, high quality, durable products for surgeons, dermatologists, and dentists worldwide. Perhaps best known for the gold standard radiosurgical devices they manufacture at the headquarters in Oceanside, New York, Ellman’s first foray into aesthetic medicine was the introduction of the Pellevé™ Wrinkle Reduction System. According to Ellman CEO Rick Epstein, “With Pellevé, physicians and surgeons can utilize Ellman’s products to perform non-ablative skin tightening treatments in addition to surgical procedures that produce less tissue damage, scarring, and pain than the competition. These products are in high demand as consumers seek these advantages from their dermatologists and plastic surgeons among other specialties.”

The Pellevé Wrinkle Reduction System offers patients and physicians another option to reverse the signs of facial aging without needles, surgery, or recovery time. It softens wrinkles on the face by slowly heating the deep layers of the skin with a warming device powered by advanced radio frequency technology. The Pellevé technology precisely delivers energy to the dermal tissue to induce collagen contraction without damaging the surface layer of the skin. As collagen synthesis begins, the skin will look and feel younger. Collagen remodeling occurs within two to six weeks or longer, and the final effect is a noticeable improvement in skin texture, quality, and appearance.

Pellevé offers a new kind of experience with results that patients can feel good about. A typical Pellevé session to treat the full face takes only 45 minutes to an hour and results can be seen right away. The treatment is only available at physicians’ offices or medspas. Because there is virtually no downtime, Pellevé is a perfect…READ ON - Click Here to Download Full Article

About Pellevé
Pellevé received FDA Clearance For The Treatment Of Mild To Moderate Facial Wrinkles in 2009, and has had a CE Mark since 2005. It is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, and Latin America only through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medspas, and other cosmetic practitioners. To learn more about Pellevé, visit http://www.pellevé.com.

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