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Posted: March 13, 2011 at 3:47 pm

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March-April 2011
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Medical Spa Laser Safety


By Leslie J. Pollard, Contributing Editor & Advisor

Certainly there are many elements to the development, operation, and maintenance of a successful Medical Spa today. Most medical spa business owners and operators are aware of the importance of offering the right procedures, working with the right equipment, choosing the right location, offering services at the right price, hiring the right personnel, and utilizing the right marketing practices.

Beyond these core principles, owners are aware of the importance of treating clients and business associates fairly, hiring and keeping the right personnel, providing appropriate training, and making decisions that are fiscally responsible With proper planning and hard work, success with a well managed medical spa can be very rewarding for the owner, staff, and customers. However, a few unexpected obstacles that might be encountered along the way can quickly take the focus off the goal of the successful operation of a medical spa business.

Employee turnover, equipment malfunction, and economic factors are certainly considerations that can create chaos in the medical spa environment. However, one scenario that continues to play out routinely every year in every state is the challenge of surviving a state or federal safety audit process. Although most of these businesses survive the process, there is no doubt that survival can involve unexpected stress, use of valuable time and focus from the medical director, and the unexpected expense of seeking assistance to negotiate and meet all of the demands that will be immediately required for a successful outcome.

Unfortunately, what many medical spa owners and operators fail to understand or take seriously is the necessity of establishing a well documented laser and IPL safety program based on…READ ON - Click Here to Download Full Article

About the Author
Leslie J. Pollard, BSMT, LEOT, CMLSO is certified through the Board of Laser Safety as a Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer, and graduate of the University of Texas with a BS Medical Technology and Associates in Laser Electro Optics Technology. Ms. Pollard has over 25 years of experience working with major health systems, hospitals, surgery centers, medical spas, physician offices, and mobile laser providers to provide educational and consultative services associated with medical/ surgical laser applications, federal and state laser safety training, and program development skills. Southwest Innovative Solutions, Inc. is owned and operated by Ms. Pollard and provides Medical Spa compliance application safety tool packages, on line and onsite training programs, as well as program compliance and development consultative services. SIS specializes in Medical Laser Applications and Safety.

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