ATnT Featured Med Spa March-April 2011: Saudé

Posted: March 13, 2011 at 3:47 pm

Saude Cover

Aesthetic Trends & Technologies
March-April 2011
Medical Spa Department

Saudé Medical Spa - Tijuana, Mexico

By Cindy L. Vandruff, MBA, Editor in Chief

Science, health, and beauty are combined to provide the patient with the perfect recipe for beautiful skin. This is the axiom of the Saudé Medical Spa, owned and operated by Dr. Antonio Cueva of Tijuana, Mexico. The word “Saude” is derived from the Portuguese meaning of “Health.”

While not only combining a medical and aesthetic environment, Saudé also incorporates the feel of a spa with a minimalistic style approach. The functionality of the reception area displays a professional setting, but also exudes the luxury of a high-end practice that is inviting and warm.

Aesthetic Trends has researched Mexico extensively to find that Dr. Cueva has an unmatched reputation as one of the most prestigious dermatologist of Mexico; and his new medical spa is known for its world-class health and aesthetic treatments and expertise, which is the first of its kind in the Republic. Patients come from all over Mexico, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Many travel internationally and plan their trip to include Saudé.

The solid foundation that Dr. Cueva brings to Saudé is quite remarkable. His father has been practicing dermatologic medicine in Mexico for over 40 years; and now with Dr. Cueva in practice for over 15 years, the legacy continues with the branding of Saudé and its impeccable offerings under one roof. Throughout the world Antonio Cueva, M.D. is known by his physician peers as a reputable and upstanding practitioner with cutting edge skills to include not only the specialty of dermatology, but also his extensive experience with laser medicine, hair restoration, and body treatments. The myriad of technology…READ ON - Click Here to Read Full Article

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Saudé Medical Spa
Misión de Loreto 3071
Zona Río, Tijuana B.C. México

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