ATnT Anti-Aging March-April 2011: Botexting

Posted: March 13, 2011 at 3:47 pm

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Aesthetic Trends & Technologies
March-April 2011
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By Mark Olson, Smile Reminder

For cosmetic and plastic surgery practices, dermatology practices, and medical spas, staying relevant in the new economy is essential. In challenging economic times, practices must seek out new ways to increase revenue while keeping up with patient demand for convenience and quick communication. One way in which practices are overcoming this hurdle is keeping up-to-date on the latest practice management technologies.

Services such as Smile Reminder, the leading patient messaging software, have become an integral component in assisting medical professionals to better communicate with their patients, while also increasing bottom lines and ensuring practices and spas remain current. Now used by medical spas, plastic surgeons and dermatologists offering BOTOX® and other cosmetic procedures which require upkeep, Smile Reminder allows practices to communicate directly with their patients via automated text messaging or email, sending them personalized reminders about their upcoming BOTOX® appointments.

A billion dollar industry in itself, BOTOX® has become one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in the world. However, despite the popularity of the injectable, many practices and spas offering BOTOX® are not thriving as they could or should. This is because of the common lack of attention to what we call “recare” appointments and because of the difficulty that comes with manually keeping track of which patient is due for an appointment and when many offices simply overlook the immense impact recare appointments can have on revenue.

Additionally, many practices and spas are not able to commit the time and money it takes to call each patient for a reminder. Smile Reminder allows practices to communicate directly with their patients via automated text messaging or email, sending them personalized…READ ON - Click Here to Download Full Article

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About Smile Reminder
Smile Reminder is driven to provide practices with messaging solutions that increase revenue, reduce cost, and increase overall patient loyalty. Their patent-pending solution utilizes the latest in messaging technology. Being the first to incorporate text-to-cell phone messaging capability into a communication system, Smile Reminder is the clear leader in providing communication solutions that are compatible with today’s mobile society. Smile Reminder was founded in 2000 and is privately held.

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