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Posted: May 8, 2011 at 3:47 pm


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May - June 2011
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Anti-Aging in 2011


By Elaine Greenberg, Contributing Editor

Up-to-date skin care regimens address aging skin issues from a new, more knowledgeable position. We now have a more effective approach to skin care since we have learned a great deal about how and why skin ages.


1. The aging process involves the loss of collagen and elastin. We lose the foundation for full and firm skin.
2. The rate of skin cell turnover slows. The skin’s surface is now covered by a layer of dead skin cells and we lose the radiance of youth.
3. The natural production of anti-oxidants decreases, adding to the visible effects of aging.

Picture a baby’s skin. Instead, here is what we see as we age:
• fine lines and wrinkles
• loose, saggy skin
• a dull complexion
• brown/age spots

You don’t like this. I don’t like this. And our clients don’t like this.

Aesthetics, speaking philosophically, concerns the nature of beauty. An aesthetician is an anti-aging expert trained to use treatments for beauty and health.

Therefore, providing advice for an anti-aging skin care regime is a fundamental responsibility. The optimal regimen should address all the areas of skin aging about which the client is concerned.

A professional aesthetician will be sure that the client is educated about the correct use of suitable products, including
application as well as precautions.

Progress is monitored, and changes are made as indicated. We have all seen the lack of desired results when people self-diagnose and treat themselves with what is heavily… READ ON - Download Full Article NOW!

Elaine Greenberg

About the Author
Elaine Greenberg is a bi-monthly contributing editor for Aesthetic Trends Magazine. She invites you to learn more about anti-aging skin care on her blog, . She also owns Ageless Remedies South Park medical spa. Visit her med spa on the web: She also owns Ageless Remedies South Park medical spa. Visit her med spa on the web:

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