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Posted: February 14, 2011 at 1:57 pm

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January - February 2011
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By Frank J. Ferrin, M.D.

Wanting to be slim, trim, and healthy is not a new trend. Everyone has a perfect body ideal that they aspire to, yet often encounter challenges in achieving it. Having a well proportioned body and a complimentary chestwaist-hip ratio is a fantastic goal; however, it is not always an easy one. Many will opt for surgery in an attempt to reach their aesthetic goals, while others will turn to extreme dieting or excessive workouts.

However, an extreme pursuit in only one of the above areas will often leave the individual with something more to be desired, not to mention an overdoing of anything may lead to poor health. To achieve the look one desires, a balance of weight management, energy and fitness training, and a detailed contouring of the body and face is most certainly the surefire and effective way for an individual to obtain his/her ideal physique.

A new trend, known as Functional Cosmesis, is currently being pioneered by the world’s leading cosmetic surgeons. The idea is simple: when body parts work better, they look better. Functional Cosmesis can pertain to facial rejuvenation, abdominal tightening, breast contour, or the basic task of fitting beautifully into clothes.

More importantly, Functional Cosmesis is about consistency, overall health, and longevity. For example, having a sculpted face and a sagging or oversized belly lacks fluidity; it keeps a body from looking natural. The opposite is also true; an aging face with a fit and proportioned body just does not make sense. Too often, individuals will focus all of their energy on only one aspect of their body, causing a disproportion…
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Dr. Ferrin

About the Author
Frank J. Ferrin, M.D., has over 25 years of surgical experience, and is among the few select and highlytrained surgeons in the country to employ the cutting-edge methods of water-assisted liposuction (Body-Jet), as well as laser assisted body-sculpting in the contouring of the face and body. For more information, visit Dr. Ferrin’s website:

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