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Posted: June 18, 2017 at 10:51 am

I admit to being a meathead. A gym rat and a few other adjectives would also fit. When I write an article or blog on lifting weights, I always fear people will think I am just presenting my addiction to justify it.

While that may be the case, strength training is becoming more and more prevalent in the medical literature as a better solution to some medical concerns than doing cardiovascular training (also called cardio).

Weight lifting can be beneficial for anyone, of any age. But people I see on a regular basis in my clinic include wonderful women in that intangible peri-menopausal state. These are women who are not quite at the change but in that elusive right before menopause situation.

Peri-menopause has many presentations including anxiety, irregular periods, mood changes, depression, weight gain, loss of cognitive abilities (best defined by my patients as brain fog), etc.

Weight lifting or strength training helps combat these symptoms. Strength training has been shown to increase the production of testosterone.

It is very common to think of testosterone as the male hormone. But it is very important in females as well, especially those in the peri-menopausal state.

When a woman enters the peri-menopausal state, natural testosterone production can decrease by over 50 percent. Strength training or weight lifting has been shown both to increase testosterone production and decrease several of the symptoms related to this pre-menopausal state.

Really hitting it hard in the gym helps prevent these symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause. Strength training decreases body fat, increases muscle mass, and optimizes hormones.

You can anticipate feeling better, looking better, and improving your quality of life if you take the time to move heavy objects that dont fight back!

So call me a meathead or gym rat I am OK with that just get to the gym and lift weights. You, your spouse, your family, and everyone else you deal with will appreciate it!

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Weight lifting benefits peri-menopausal women – Idaho State Journal

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